One man is dead and a child has been injured in what appears to be a drive-by shooting Sunday evening in Texarkana, Arkansas.

According to a Texarkana Arkansas Police report, Sunday night at approximately 7:09 PM the officers were dispatched to the area of Pinehurst and Grove Streets due to complaints of a large volume of vehicles blocking lanes due to a large community event in the neighborhood. The officers observed no violations due to the excess traffic but stayed on hand anyway to monitor the situation.

At approximately 8:08 PM officers heard gunshots near the intersection of Grove and Pinehurst, that's when 9-1-1 calls began coming into the Bi-State Communications Center as well. Officers located the area where the shots came from and found bullet holes in a vehicle there and spent casing nearby. There were no victims at the scene.


At 8:13 PM 9-1-1 calls came in about a vehicle accident at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and Hazel St. That accident involved some of the people at the scene of the shooting just minutes earlier.  The vehicle involved in the accident was transporting a 6-year-old girl to the hospital who had been struck in the leg by gunfire at the gathering. The child was then transported from the crash scene to the hospital by another private party. Ultimately the child was taken to the hospital in Little Rock for further treatment.

At 9:25 PM TAPD was contacted by Christus St Michael that another gunshot victim had been dropped off at the emergency room. Upon further investigation, it was learned that this victim was also shot near the intersection of Grove and Pinehurst Streets. The adult victim was identified as Michael Clark of Wake Village, Texas. Clark later died as a result of those injuries.

Anyone with information on this incident or that has video of this gathering from a cell phone or residential camera, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 903 798 3154 or email Detective Dakota Easley at

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