Taylor, is that you?

Twitter user @peppaisintears recently made the wild observation that Mariah Carey's mother sort of looks like an elderly version of Taylor Swift.

The user shared a photo of Patricia Carey, Mariah's 84-year-old mother and a former opera singer/vocal coach, on Twitter, where it went viral.

Indeed, the woman in the photo looks remarkably like an older version of the "Lover" singer.

@peppaisintears via Twitter
@peppaisintears via Twitter

The internet seems to agree, too; the tweet has so far garnered over 200,000 likes. Many Twitter users weighed in with puns referencing Taylor's songs and Patricia's age.

"Cause when you're fifty," one person commented.

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 72!" another replied.

One fan even used FaceApp to de-age the photo of Patricia and sure enough, it looks like Taylor as a teenager.

Mariah and Taylor have met at various functions over the years.

Taylor jammed out front row during Mariah's epic medley performance at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Mariah reacted to her love in a tweet, writing, "Love you back!! Thank you for your incredible energy!!"

As far as Mariah and her mom go, she and Patricia have a complicated relationship.

Mariah has said that her mother made singing and life feel like a competition. Patricia gave up her career and dreams to start a family, something Mariah views as a "cautionary tale."

"I have reserved some room in my heart and life to hold her — but with boundaries. Creating boundaries with the woman who gave birth to me is not easy — it is a work in progress," Mariah wrote in her memoir, according to People.

″But ours is a story of betrayal and beauty. Of love and abandonment. Of sacrifice and survival," she wrote. "I've emancipated myself from bondage several times, but there is a cloud of sadness that I suspect will always hang over me, not simply because of my mother but because of our complicated journey together."

″Like many aspects of my life, my journey with my mother has been full of contradictions and competing realities. It's never been only black-and-white — it's been a whole rainbow of emotions,″ Mariah added, calling their relationship "a prickly rope of pride, pain, shame, gratitude, jealousy, admiration, and disappointment. A complicated love tethers my heart to my mother's.″

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