A Halloween costume is great and all, but pretty much any person can wear a costume. It takes real skill (not to mention a ton of money, time, and effort) to give a functioning eating establishment a costume. So an appreciative tip of hat goes out to Fat Sal’s in Los Angeles, which for two days is open as McDowell’s, the fast food restaurant from the Eddie Murphy comedy classic, Coming to America.

Here are some pictures and videos of the McDowell’s. It’s really impressive.

As you can see, the Fat Sal’s in Hollywood (at 1300 N Highland Ave) didn’t just stick to the outside signage; they have the employees in the uniforms from the film, and the menu is filled with Coming to America food items, too, like the Big Mick, which is a lot like the Big Mac except it has no seeds on the bun.

If you don’t remember the movie McDowell’s, here’s a refresher.

Fal Sal’s owner Josh Stone explained the rationale for the costume to the San Diego Union-Tribune:

We all loved the movie, we're huge fans of it, and there was a food play on it too, that was exciting. We came up with the idea of putting different signs on, really dressing the restaurant up, and really making it a different restaurant for a short period of time.

I am very sorry this is out in Los Angeles. As a connoisseur of movie food (connoisseur is a French word for “man who eats entire theme menus”), I would love to go and get my hands on a Big Mick. I would be forced to thrash it.

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