The 2021 Grammy Awards, originally slated for Jan. 31, have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The ceremony is rescheduled for March 14.

Arguably the most prestigious music awards, the Grammy Awards are relatively new when it comes to awards ceremonies. Whereas the Academy Awards began in 1929 and the Emmys commenced in 1949, the first Grammys weren’t held until 1959. The creation of the Grammy Awards was inspired by the Hollywood Walk of Fame project, which brought about a renewed interest in the music and recording industry. As a result, the Recording Academy created what was then called the Gramophone Awards to honor the best composers, musicians, songwriters, and producers.

That first year, the Grammys only had 28 categories, but by 2019, awards 84 categories were presented. These gold-plated gramophones aren’t just given out for new music in a variety of genres, either, but also for innovations in music, philanthropy, and education. Winners are determined by a panel of music experts and Recording Academy members who vote on entries for each award submitted by recording studios. While the process is a good one, it is, like any other, flawed. Over the years there have been some pretty major upsets and some winners who seem to have come from left field.

Stacker rounded up unforgettable moments from every year of the Grammys, using sources like the official Grammy Awards website, news sources, and pop culture sites. Memorable occurrences include jaw-dropping fashion, incredible performances, heartbreaking tributes, crazy interruptions, and truly remarkable records.

Most Memorable Grammys Moments Ever

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