When a loved one dies, people typically like to keep something to remember them by—a meaningful keepsake, such as a photograph, a well-worn piece of clothing, a nostalgic perfume, etc.

However, Marsha Stewart, Michael Jackson's cousin, claims to have held onto the late King of Pop's final IV drip... and she's ready to sell the, uh, unique memento.

According to TMZ, the IV setup, which allegedly was used by Jackson, includes the IV tubing and bag that delivered a fatal dose of Propofol to the star. The item is also reportedly stained with Jackson’s dried blood.

Stewart claims she swiped the macabre medical equipment after spotting it at Jackson's bedside. After noticing the bloodstains on the tubing, she took it home as memorabilia.

Now that she has agreed to part with the IV drip, TMZ says the IV setup is going up for auction through Memorabilia Expert Auctions in Las Vegas. Stewart is looking to sell the item for at least $2,500—a curiously low amount that has some doubting the IV drip's validity.

Would you pay money to get your hands on your favorite star's bloodstained IV drip?

Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009. He was 50.

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