Michelle Williams revealed that she once suffered with depression during her time with Destiny’s Child.

On Wednesday (Oct. 18), the R&B singer appeared on CBS' daytime talk show The Talk and shared her story of struggling with her disorder during her teenage years before joining the successful girl group. “I didn’t know until I was in my 30s what was going on,” she said, adding that she thought she was just experiencing “growing pains” or “turning into a woman.”

“So many people are walking around acting like they’ve got it all together and they’re suffering," she continued. "For years, I was in one of the top-selling female groups of all time, suffering with depression.”

Williams said that she told her manager and Beyoncé's father, Matthew Knowles, that she was depressed and he seemed perplexed. "At the time, bless his heart, he was like, 'Y'all just signed a multi-million dollar deal and you're about to go on tour. What do you have to be depressed about?' So I was like, 'Oh, maybe I'm just tired.'"

"I was suicidal. I was to that place where it got so dark and heavy," she added.

Williams now wants to focus on raising awareness around mental health issues and she applauds artists like Demi Lovato who has been opened about her experience with depression. “I want to normalize this mental health discussion...so many people are walking around acting like they’ve got it all together," she said.

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