Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge hosted the 20th annual Officer of the Year awards and recognition luncheon at the Benton Event Center.

According to a press release, Rutledge honored Texarkana Police Department Sergeant Kyle Caudle and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Corporal Jay Thomas as the Miller County Officers of the Year.


“Sergeant Caudle and Corporal Thomas are tireless servants who work to protect Arkansans,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “I could not be more grateful for their dedication as public servants in Miller County.”

This award stems from a case where Sergeant Caudle led a very extensive drug investigation in 2021 that consisted of all divisions of the police department and outside local and federal agencies. As a result of Sergeant Caudle's hard work ethic and dedication to making our community safer, arrests were made and a seizure of thousands of Fentanyl-laced pills, guns, and other dangerous drugs was conducted. This investigation also assisted other agencies with taking down drug dealers in their area, with arrests made as well.

For the eighth consecutive year, Attorney General Rutledge has honored Officers of the Year from all 75 Arkansas counties, in addition to statewide and regional winners.

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