Congratulations to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul for her 2018 Golden Globe Nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the motion picture, Mudbound.  

We've seen Mary J. Blige act, but never like this. It's no understatement to say Blige's character, Florence, is the soul of the film right alongside her co-star, Carey Mulligan's as Laura.  The two establish an unequal, uneasy, unorthodox friendship as Laura, a white woman from the city, adjust to country living while Florence, a black woman from the South, seeks autonomy. The Netflix film, is a story of two families (one Black family, one white family), living the brutal realities of prejudice, division due to World War II, and its affects on family and love. The post World War II drama takes place in the heart of Mississippi and alternates between six different points of view in a couple of hours. Its director, Dee Reese, a Black woman, is very candid in her portrayal of Black life plagued by Jim Crow in the South.

The movie is a must-see. View the official trailer below.

Now watch the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul in action as she channels her inner Florence, a woman from the South in search of independence and talks about how she prepped for the character.


See below what the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul had to say  stripping down from Mary J. Blige to play the role of a woman in the South during the World War II era.

Again, we solute the lovely, Ms. Mary J. Blige on her 2018 Golden Globe Nomination! We also appreciate her for stepping outside the box, tapping into one of her many gifts and sharing it with us!

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