Here's a great way to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. Grab the kids some snacks and check out Movies in The Park at Spring Lake Park this Thursday evening May 27.

The Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation Department is bringing back Movies in the Park for the next two Thursdays. This Thursday, May 27 it's Wonder Woman 1984 and next Thursday, June 3 it's Field of Dreams and it's free. Spring Lake Park is located at 4303 North Park Road in Texarkana, Texas.

The movies get started at dusk and there will be a concession stand with snacks available for purchase. You can also bring a blanket or lawn chairs and some snacks.

Thursday, May 27Wonder Woman-1984. Rated PG-13 Starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wig  The movie will be shown at the usual spot(across from the airplane).

Thursday, June 3 - Field of Dreams. Rated PG Starring Kevin Costner, James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta. The movie will, ever so appropriately, be shown at Dobson Field in Spring Lake Park.
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