'Neal McCoy' and the band 'Blacktop Mojo' highlight the great live music this weekend in Texarkana.

Crossites will be the place to be this weekend. "Neil McCoy" will be there Friday night. "Jimmy Wooten" will open for Neil. On Saturday night you can check out "Blacktop Mojo", "Post Profit", and "Factory."

Twisted Fork will have the duo of "Jason And Allan" on Friday night. Twisted Fork is located at 5522 Summerhill Centre.

Whiskey River has some great live music planned for you this weekend. A Halloween Party is on for Saturday night you can see the band "Giovanni & The Hired Hands". Hayden McBride will open the show on Saturday night.


67 Landing has an awesome atmosphere and seafood and some great steaks too. Friday night you can see the band "Alex And Liv". Saturday night you can see the band "Trophy Husband" on the patio.

Redbone Magic Brewing Redbone has great food and of course some of the best craft beer in Texarkana. Redbone will have "Crooked Halo" on Saturday night for their "Brews And Boos" party.

Fat Jack's is a Texarkana institution. Open since 1985 you can find some great food and the atmosphere is all about the dive bar. "Colton Alexander" will play tonight "Trophy Husband" will be on stage on Friday night. Saturday night you can hear the band "Locked and Loaded".

Downtown Texarkana tonight is the "Local Brews and Local Bands" concert featuring the band "Split Decision" it will be on the street in front of Pecan Ponit.

If you know of any other bands playing in Texarkana and the surrounding area please let us know so we can add them to the list.


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