Drake and 21 Savage's new joint album, Her Loss, is slated to drop in a few days and the dynamic duo have added more anticipation for the project by teasing a Tiny Desk concert, which NPR, the outlet that produces TD, has confirmed is a spoof.

On Wednesday (Nov. 2), Drake and 21 Savage debuted a teaser video for what they are promoting as an upcoming Tiny Desk concert. In the clip, the two rappers are sitting in what appears to be the Tiny Desk studio. Drizzy begins with an audience intro.

"What's up, everybody. I appreciate you joining us today. All the audience and everybody at home," Drake says as a nearby guitarist lays a funky bass riff in the background. After both rappers introduce themselves, Drake continues, "This is our Tiny Desk."

For those unfamiliar, Tiny Desk is a YouTube series from NPR where artists perform in a very small setting at the NPR office backed by a live band. While the idea of Drake and 21 Savage participating in the beloved series is fascinating, it sadly is not the case.

NPR's official Twitter account has confirmed the teaser is not for an actual Tiny Desk concert.

"Let’s do it forreal tho," NPR posted along with smirking face and clapping hands emojis. 

NPR Twitter confirms Drake and 21 Savage Tiny Desk is fake.

Previous to NPR's revelation, there were some aspects of the teaser that leaned toward the promo actually being for an upcoming music video, including the set not matching TD's setup, the camera filter being off and the company logo font at the end of the video being different.

After a week delay, Drake and 21 Savage's Her Loss album is set to drop on Nov. 4.

Check Out the Video for Drake and 21 Savage's Faux Tiny Desk Teaser Below

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