Two women who've accused R. Kelly of sexual misconduct appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Tuesday (May 8). The women, Asante McGee and Kitti Jones, detailed their experiences dating the veteran R&B singer. Both women claimed Kelly was abusive and very controlling.

McGee, who dated Kelly from 2014 to 2016, alleges the singer controlled every aspect of her life, including using the bathroom. “You would have to send a text message to one of his runners just asking if you can go to the restroom and then they will relay the information to him because you weren’t free to walk around the house,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jones, who spent two years in Kelly’s Atlanta home, told Kelly, “We were required to call him 'daddy' would get in trouble if you didn’t.”

Along with McGee and Jones, Kelly also talked with Tim and Jonjelyn Savage, who accused R. Kelly of brainwashing their daughter Joycelyn.

“She’s being controlled,” said Mr. Savage. “I know my daughter, me and my wife raised her from birth. [When we hear her speak], that’s not my daughter.”

“You think she’s being manipulated?” Kelly asked. “Oh yes,” he replied.

Kelly reached out to an R. Kelly rep who provided a statement from Joycelyn, which stated, “I am an adult, 22 years old, and I call on my parents to stop telling lies about me and my relationship with R. Kelly. I am building my own life and my own career. My parents are hurting me by depicting me in public as ‘brainwashed’ or a ‘sex’ object. I happen to care for R. Kelly and I enjoy my relationship with him.”

Savage’s parents were quick to point out that their daughter’s name is misspelled on the statement.

TMZ recently posted a video of R. Kelly and Jocelyn Savage shopping together at a mall in Chicago last month. The pair appeared to be enjoying themselves while checking out items in Nordstrom. At one point, Savage is giving Kelly a neck massage as they walk around the mall.

R. Kelly has been accused of sexual misconduct from several women within the past week, but the singer has denied all of the allegations.

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