New details are coming to light about the Robin Thicke and Paula Patton split, regarding who initiated the breakup and who is begging for a second chance at marriage.

Thicke, who has been canceling shows in the wake of this swirl of personal drama, is desperate for a reconciliation with his wife of nearly nine years and love of 20 years, so says TMZ.

We can't say we blame him -- Patton is gorgeous and appeared to be a patient and loyal wife. They seemed like a couple that defied Hollywood's quickie marriage-go-round, which was refreshing.

Apparently, the actress called her husband on Friday (Feb. 21) to reveal her desire to divorce. He immediately canceled his planned performance, attributing it to throat issues, and flew to Vancouver, where she was filming, to try and save the marriage face-to-face.

A source said that they hadn't been getting along and were fighting prior to the call.

The insider also said that Paula was firm in her decision and Robin agreed, reluctantly so. Both are said to be very upset about this turn of events.

Thicke is still hoping things can be saved and has promised to change and be a good husband.

The singer will resume touring on Thursday (Feb. 27) in Washington, D.C. but we won't see him out and about and doing things like dirty dancing with a woman who is not his wife or grabbing the derriere of a pretty young thing who is also not his wife, like he did at the VMAs post-party.

While Thicke gives off the vibe of having a roving eye, he appears to be a family man. He is seriously concerned about their son, Julian, who will be 4 in April. He doesn't want the boy reared in a broken home or shuttling back and forth between mom and dad.

Thicke is a much hotter property today than he was a year ago, and that rocket ride to fame, along with increased attention from the ladies, could have put more strain on his marriage.

Maybe things can be saved. We shall see.

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