Big Al Mack is single and ready for his first Bumble date and it's tonight! 

It was Love Letters to Kellie day, she gave advice to a woman worried about her man going to a bachelor party.


Jenna's mom, Candy, informed the cast about some flowers on her new segment, PlantChat.

Check out what Kellie Rasberry said about this and more Love Letters from today’s Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. KiddNation

KiddNation's Part-Time Justin got a new part-time job. Does he have a future as a t-shirt designer? KiddNation

Tuesday the Krew shared bad kissing stories, be sure you watch the video below.


  • It's #FirstWorldProblems so call in to let the world know how hard your HARD life is.
  • Big Al might have found THE ONE after tonight's Bumble date at his bar. Hear all about it!


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