Technically fall is here, though it's hard to tell. This Saturday when you're wiping the sweat off your brow because it's a hot and sticky 93 degrees, just keep reminding yourself of that fact.

Another reminder of autumn is the opening of the Shreveport Farmers' Market.  This annual rite of fall begins on October 21st and will be open every Saturday morning from 8 am until Noon through November 18th.

The market is housed under the East Pavilion in Festival Plaza in downtown Shreveport.  You can casually stroll through a great selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables and locally-raised meats.  You'll also find gourmet, baked, and canned goods. There are even live musicians on hand to provide the background to your morning, and you can dine on hot, ready-to-eat food that will also be available.

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