One of the things that makes me fume when I hear it is "what has space exploration done for me"? The easy answer to that is "everything you moron". But I digress, besides the fact that the American space program has brought hundreds, maybe even thousands of new products and technologies to US consumers and business, just imagine how many jobs have been created world-wide to support those new technologies stemming directly or indirectly from space exploration. But these days a new twist has been added to the mix that in my mind, sweetens the pot even more, history.

The very technology that brightens our future is also shining a new light on our distant past. In an article from the UK Daily Mail, imaging satellites are sending back photos that are outlining ancient civilizations, tombs, structures and streets that have long been buried by the sands of time. Archeologists worldwide must be drooling over this new information pouring in on thousands of new dig sites in Egypt alone.

This new technology has been dubbed "Space Archeology", and the accuracy of these images is astounding so far. Scientists will still have to rely on the old-school "digging" method to see what all is revealed in these new sites. They also expect to find even more once the digging begins because this satellite imaging technology can only penetrate so far under the ground, the rest is up to the diggers.

A new documentary is going to air on BBC1 on May 30th. Check your listings maybe we'll get to see it on BBC America or Discovery or the History Channel.

Can you imagine, 3000 settlements, 1000 tombs and 17 new pyramids, all discovered by space technology, untouched by human hands for thousands of years, and this imaging project has only just begun. Today's space tech is not only charting our future but helping us re-discover our past. So it just makes me wonder more and more why the U.S. is shutting down our Space Shuttle program with nothing to replace it. That my friends is a "giant leap for mankind"... backwards.