You’d be forgiven not to realize CBS stayed mum on reports of Walking Dead star Sonequa Martin-Green leading the cast of Star Trek: Discovery, despite never directly contradicting it. Well, after Sunday’s fateful Dead finale, the cat is officially miles out of the bag, albeit with a surprising tweak.

You’re warned of spoilers for Sunday’s Walking Dead Season 7 finale from here on out, but CBS at last confirms that Martin-Green will lead the new Star Trek series, given her Walking Dead character’s very permanent exit. That said, where former showrunner Bryan Fuller previously revealed that Discovery would center around the ship’s Lt. Commander, as did most reports identify Martin Green’s character as “Lt. Commander Rainsford,” the series now notes her role as First Officer Michael Burnham.

Shooting in Toronto, the new 13-episode Star Trek: Discovery is officially said to take place 10 years before Kirk’s original Enterprise mission, as well to be “heavily serialized.” The new series will also explore the fallout of an event referenced, but never seen in the original series. Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer has also joined the creative side along with Gene Roddenberry’s son Rod, fan-favorite Voyager novel alum Kirsten Beyer, franchise vet Joe Menosky and Heroes writer Aron Coleite.

Star Trek: Discovery will likely set a premiere in the next few months, but watch the production teaser below while we wait.

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