Talk of Supernatural’s inevitable end seemed loudest around a tenth or eleventh season, or at least development of a spinoff. We’re a few deep into Season 12 now, with no immediate signs of stopping, but despite recent chatter of ending the series around 300 episodes, star Jensen Ackles isn’t willing to put a number on Supernatural’s ending just yet.

It began months back, with Jared Padalecki telling Entertainment Weekly that “When we get to 300 [episodes], I think Ackles and I will think it might be time to say bye,” essentially ending Supernatural with a 14th season of 13 episodes. Supernatural remains a consistent performer for The CW, while neither Padalecki nor Ackles have expressed any desire to move on, enuring at least something of a safety net going forward.

Still, a recent set visit to Vancouver (via KSiteTV) saw Padalecki and Ackles walking back the 300 episodes comment, the latter explaining “I think it was more of, like, that’s the next milestone.” In particular, Ackles noted that another number had been discussed internally for the ending, “but I don’t want to mention that,” later laughing off Misha Collins’ joke about 666 episodes.

So, what would it take? Says Ackles:

I think as long as there’s still story to tell, which I think is one of the great aspects of the show, is that we’re not necessarily bound by reality so the stories are kind of limitless… as long as they’re still staying true to the show and the characters are still being written in a way that that we still get inspired to play, then I don’t know that there is a number, necessarily.

CW boss Mark Pedowitz reiterated over the summer that Supernatural was game to continue so long as its leads remain onboard, while a potential spinoff “is still a priority; it just hasn’t happened.”

In the meantime, Supernatural Season 12 continues on The CW, with no end to the series in sight. Is the 300th still a nice, round number?

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