Doctor Who

'Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi Updates on Season 11 Exit
Peter Capaldi has stuck with Doctor Who for upwards of two seasons, but with Steven Moffat announced to leave after Season 10 next year, the question remains if the Twelfth Doctor goes with him. As of the 2016 Christmas special, even Capaldi admits he hasn’t yet made a decision whether to rem…
Christopher Eccleston Regrets 'Doctor Who' Early Exit
It seems like only yesterday that multiple generations of Doctor Who had reunited for the 50th anniversary, let alone earlier days of Christopher Eccleston’s more grim ninth doctor. And while fans still place odds on how much longer we’ll have Peter Capaldi, Eccleston claims he wishes …
Amazon Prime Launches Standalone Streaming for $9 Monthly
Multiple outlets have launched individual standalone options to match that of industry leader Netflix, though Amazon has consistently lagged behind for its streaming service’s tether to an overall Prime rate of $99 per year. No longer, as Amazon Prime launches a far more competitive monthly s…
'Doctor Who' Streaming Rights Land at Amazon Prime
The tenth season of Doctor Who will keep us all invested on the road to 2017, but fans will thankfully have more to enjoy beyond a Christmas special this year. After abandoning the Netflix ship, all nine seasons of the current Doctor Who will resurface on Amazon Prime to rewatch.

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