Top 5 Homemade Halloween Treats & Recipes
Most of us grew up looking forward to Halloween. It was the one day out of the 365 that you could dress up and be whatever you wanted to be and you could collect (FOR FREEEEEE) and eat all the candy and sweet treats you could stand. Those were the good ol days
John Carpenter Casually Announces New ‘Halloween’ in 2018
No, this is not a drill. Paramount shelving the new Friday the 13th so soon before production was supposed to begin came as a somewhat sudden disappointment, but, to paraphrase Julie Andrews, when Hollywood closes a door, somewhere they open a window. As it turns out, that window is a Halloween rebo…
Tour the Haunted House of Horrors in Texarkana
If you are looking for a screaming good time, the House of Horrors Haunted House in Texarkana is now open. It's a scary place even when all of the ghosts and ghouls aren't lurking in the house. Take a tour with me as I check out the house before the monsters take over.

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