Drive-Up Coronavirus Testing On Arkansas Side
Lansdell Family Clinic, with the support of the Arkansas-side coronavirus Emergency Operations Center, has organized five drive-up coronavirus screening and testing stations in the parking lot beside Cash Saver supermarket in the 82 Plaza shopping center located at 3639 E. Ninth St. Texarkana, AR.
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
A year ago on this day, the world lost a great one when rapper, business man, entrepreneur and community activist, mentor, role model Nipsey Hussle was killed in a senseless murder. Although gone, he left behind a wealth of wisdom & inspiration.
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
There is nothing you can do about what’s going to happen to you, you can’t stop life from happening. You can do something about it. Life is 10% what happens to you, it’s 90% what you do about it.
Keeta King's Pearls Of Wisdom
Going into the weekend on a curfew and confinement to the house with nowhere to go can be a bit gloomy. Coronavirus has taken quite a few of life's pleasures and pastimes away. However, one thing it can’t take away is your time… Right now you have a lot of …

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