valentines day

Wednesday's Pearls of Wisdom
I've never really been a girl to put a lot of emphasis on Valentine's Day. I'm more of a "grab-me-something-nice-on-the-way-home-randomly-because-you-were-thinking-of-me-kinda-chick" However, I know there are some single women out there who dread the approach of the very date. Well ladies,…
Top 5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is February 14 and many people will say it's a day that has become too commercialized and we've forgotten the true message of what this day represents. Whether you agree with me or not, Valentine's Day is a day set aside once a year to show your significant other how much you love an…
Valentine’s Day Ideas For the Cheap Romantic
There are ways to be romantic and not spend a ton of money. Todd Harding has done everything on this list over the years. Some of the ideas do take a little bit of work. These are Todd's 5 favorite money-saving Valentine's Day Ideas.
10 Awkwardly Hilarious Proposal Fails
February 14th is upon us, so it's time to whip out all the lovey dovey cliches, y'all. We're talking about the stuff we expect on V-Day-- the chocolates, roses and, of course, the proposal stories. It's a pretty cute idea to propose to your significant other on the most romantic …

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