Governor Abbott’s ‘State of the State’ Video
Governor Abbott Delivers 2021 State Of The State Address full transcript and video, the video was posted on YouTube from ABC KVUE out of Austin, Texas. The Texas Governor apparently deviated from the script several times so the script below may not match exactly what Governor Abbott said.
DIY Fake Blood For Halloween – And It Tastes Good!
It's that time of year again, Halloween means a need for fake blood and Lisa and I have just the recipe for you, and it's tasty, no, really. A while back, my radio partner, Lisa, found a terrific and easy recipe for edible, fake blood, so naturally, we just had to shoot a video and try it …
Avoid Credit Card Theft
Some folks get their credit/debit card numbers stolen literally right under their nose when it happens, check out the video below put together by the Texas Department of Agriculture on how to avoid getting ripped off at the pump.
I Made Cream Puffs
Well, I think my cream puffs were pretty good, and judging from the reactions around the radio station, they must be, because people inhaled them rather quickly.
Drone Fireworks - Sparks 2017
Sparks in the Park 2017 was a rousing success, thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed a great day of fun activities, music and fireworks to cap it off.
What Is That?
I love the mysteries of the little blue planet we call Earth. Land, sea, sky, it doesn't matter, they all fascinate me. My curiosity grows even more when we start thinking that maybe we really are not alone in the Universe. I firmly believe that we are not, as to whether or not they are vi…

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