UPDATE: A close source tells PopCrush this rumor is in fact false, and that Taylor has no plans to launch a streaming site called "Swifties" to compete with Spotify.

No more letters to Apple Music or battles with Spotify — because Taylor Swift is reportedly readying her very own streaming service instead.

According to TMZ, the 1989 superstar recently filed to brand a website called "Swifties," featuring "non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings."

That said, the site may be more than just a streaming service. According to TMZ's analysis of the registration, she's stocking up with a whole bunch of Taylor Swift-branded merchandise and Swift-specific experiences too: "she's looking to launch a line of music products, including guitars, guitar picks, guitar straps and drumsticks. Her plans also include organizing retreats, educational camps and self-guided online courses."

As we know already, Tay's team moved to file for a number of trademarks last month for the name "Swifties."

Will this upcoming website be a one-stop shop for all things Taylor Swift? We'll surely find out soon enough.

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