The Texarkana College Board of Trustees have filled a vacancy on the board at Monday's meeting.

After reviewing letters of interest received from residents, TC Trustees approved the appointment of Derrick McGary to serve until the next TC Trustee election is held. The vacancy on the board came as a result of Trustee Ken Reese’s resignation on August 28, 2017. Letters of interest were received from Jerry Black, Zebrina Robertson, and Derrick McGary. McGary previously served on the Texarkana Texas City Council.

“Mr. McGary was selected to serve as a trustee on the TC Board today because of his commitment to public service and his dedication to helping our community grow and thrive,” said Kyle Davis, TC board president. “He knows firsthand what TC can do to help students get a good start in their education because he got his start here, too. We are pleased to welcome him onto the Board.”

President James Henry Russell said the quality of applicants was impressive and Trustees were glad to see such strong interest in serving the College. TC accepted letters of interest between August 28, 2017 to September 13, 2017.

“During the time when we were accepting letters of interest, we had several interested persons call to see if they lived within the boundaries of Place 1,” Russell said. “We are grateful for those who want to foster a college-going culture in our community. The applications were all very strong and showed a great deal of commitment to student success and support of providing affordable and accessible higher education opportunities for our region.”

McGary took oath and was sworn in this afternoon at his office. The next regular Board of Trustees meeting is set for October 23.





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