Texarkana, Texas Fire Department crews were called to a fire at 8:47AM on Tuesday, August 23, where they remain on scene at Miller Bowie Supply in downtown Texarkana, Texas because 100,000 tons of cattle pellet feed caught on fire inside a silo.

The fire is contained, however, firefighters will most likely remain on scene throughout the night to monitor clean-up and ensure proper extinguishment, according to a press release from the City of Texarkana, Texas.

As of 4PM Tuesday, three trucks, a battalion chief, and 12 firefighters were on scene and scheduled to be rotated out that afternoon and into the night to maintain staffing levels. The damaged feed had to be removed from the silo one truck at a time, checked for sparks, and relocated—a time consuming process.

The fire’s cause is unknown at this time, but is most likely due to spontaneous combustion, according to Fire Chief Eric Schlotter.

Miller Bowie Supply is located at 1007 W. 3rd Street.

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