Forty-five members of the Texas High School Band collected 56 Gold First Division rating medals.

These great performances occurred during the Region IV UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest held on February 9 in Sulphur Springs. Thirty-six were for Solo performances and 20 were earned for ensemble performances.

Selected 1st Division Soloists were:  Matt Allen, Skylar Allen, Aaron Bradford, Natalio Casteneda, Connor Corbett, Craig Crawford, Kregg Gessman, Chloe Griffin, Alex Holt, Jiovanni James, Grey Johnson, Molly Laird, Matthew Martin, Jalena McDermott, Brianna Mitchell, Ana Moreno, Guillermo Pass, Ashyki Paxton, Jhovany Perez, Madisyn Points, Alicity Quick, AJ Reed, Gabby Reed, Logan Revalee, Darby Robertson, Dylan Rowlee, Colin Runnels, Reed Russell, Katherine Stoeckl, McKenzie Thomas, Jake Weems, Endyia Wells, Jenna Woodard (2 Medals), Kate Woodard (2 Medals).

Selected 1st Division Ensemble students were:  Flute Trio – Tien Doan, Vy Doan and Harmony Mothershed; Percussion Ensemble  –  Matt Allen, Kregg Gessman, Alex Holt, Connor Howell, Dylan Rowlee and Abraham Vasquez; Saxophone Quartet – Craig Crawford, Ky Ky Hawkins, Kamryn Johnson and Gabby Reed; Trombone Quartet – Jordan Dickens, Spencer Havel, Reed Russell and Jordan Webb; Trumpet Trio – AJ Reed, Colin Runnels and Landon Ryden.

Additionally, 21 students qualified for the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest which will be held in Austin on May 26-28.  They are:  Craig Crawford, Jordan Dickens, Tien Doan, Vy Doan, Kregg Gessman, Ky Ky Hawkins, Spencer Havel, Alex Holt, Kamryn Johnson, Harmony Mothershed, Jhovany Perez, Madisyn Points, AJ Reed, Gabby Reed, Colin Runnels, Reed Russell, Landon Ryden, Katherine Stoeckl, Jordan Webb, Jenna Woodard, Kate Woodard.

Congratulations to these Texas High Tiger Band Students!!!


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