Children as young as 4 with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive challenges can learn important skills and confidence through therapeutic horseback riding at Runnin' WJ Ranch.

In group classes taught by PATH International-certified therapeutic riding instructors, children can experience the freedom of motion and independence that they don't often experience in other aspects of their lives, all while developing their posture, core muscles, and balance. They also are encouraged to set and work toward individual goals, including some which may be "little, bitty everyday miracles" for them, as Executive Director Brittany Rogers says.

No rider is turned away if they cannot pay — in fact, all riders are on scholarship and rely on Runnin' WJ Ranch year after year to help with their development. Here's a look at some of the families who have benefitted from Runnin' WJ Ranch's programs and who continue to help them grow:

You can help Runnin' WJ Ranch and its therapeutic riding programs continue to prosper, too. More than 400 volunteers work at Runnin' WJ Ranch, and they always are looking for more! Volunteers must be at least 14 years old with an adult or 15 years old without an adult. The ranch also accepts financial donations. as well as horse donations and horse sponsorships.

To learn more about these three ways to help, visit You also can find the volunteer application here, and donate directly online here. It's that easy to change a life and make an impact.

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