Collaboration between two local companies and the City of Texarkana, Ark., will soon provide residents the opportunity to dispose of waste tires for free.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company’s Texarkana plant, and Davis Waste Control, both based in Texarkana, Ark., are collaborating with that city to provide a free tire recycling event in December. The tire amnesty day will allow residents of both Texarkanas to dispose of up to four tires per person. This event will be the pilot for what could become a semi-annual event.

“We were delighted when Cooper and DWC approached us with this idea,” said Brandy Chewning, recycling coordinator for Texarkana, Ark. “Waste tires are a problem in our community and are frequently a source of illegal dumping. This event is a great opportunity for our residents, and we believe it will be very successful.”

The pilot event will take place on Saturday, Dec. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Green Texarkana location, E. Third and Hazel streets downtown.

A maximum of four tires will be accepted per person, and tires will be checked for debris. They cannot have materials such as concrete inside them, and must be removed from rims. No commercial or agricultural tires will be accepted and the event is for residents only, not dealers.

The tire amnesty collection is open to residents of both Texarkana cities, and identification must be presented. It is possible in the future that the program will expand. Tentative plans are in progress to host this event semi-annually in April and November, the months observing Earth Day and America Recycles Day.

Julius Holmes, environmental coordinator for Cooper Tire’s Texarkana plant, said Cooper Tire is committed to environmental stewardship and this amnesty day will go hand-in-hand with efforts underway in other Cooper Tire plant communities.

“Each plant follows corporate guidelines but focuses on individual sustainability goals as well,” Holmes said. “One of these goals is the promotion of responsible scrap tire collection and the development of markets to manage scrap tires responsibly. The tires collected during this event will be shipped to an Arkansas owned and operated processor of scrap tires that utilizes these materials to produce tire-derived fuel (TDF). The TDF is used to power a number of Arkansas production facilities, fueling our local economies.”

Butch Davis, who owns Davis Waste Control with his wife, Kayla, said a tire recycling option is long overdue for the community.

“One of the biggest reasons for me wanting to join this event is having the opportunity to educate folks in the community about recycling and how serious it is,” Davis said. “At the end of the day this is our town and our planet and the residents will have to decide how green they want our town to be. The recycling center and recycling companies in Texarkana can't do it alone; recycling starts at home.”

DWC and Cooper Tire are covering all expenses of the tire amnesty collection, including the manpower and transportation.

For more information contact Davis at 903-276-3645.


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