More than two years after a six-vehicle wreck nearly killed Tracy Morgan, the 30 Rock comedian isn't holding a grudge, and says he forgives the Walmart tractor-trailer driver who was responsible for the accident

On last night's (November 3) episode of ConanMorgan reflected on the June 2014 collision that killed his good friend, fellow comedian Jimmy Mack, and left Morgan with a long road to recovery. He said any anger he felt toward Kevin Roper has subsided, and he's only looking forward.

"I forgave him and I’m not even mad at him no more," Morgan said.

Then, in true comic fashion, Morgan flipped the tone of the conversation, and jokingly said his new white neighbors, on the other hand, are mad at Roper for an eventual settlement that allowed Morgan to move into their neighborhood.

"You know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors," he said before imitating some of their reactions: "If you wouldn’t have hit his ass, he wouldn’t be living next door to me,” he mimicked. “I’ve got daughters!"

Morgan also said he was moved by visits from his family members during his hospital stay, but that one relative wasn't so forthcoming with her affection.

"Everybody showed up just to tell me they loved me," he said. "Except for my grandmother — she was there, but just like every other old black woman, all she cared about was education. So I said 'Grandma, I made it, I'm alive.' She said 'Good, now you can go back and get your GED.'"

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