Probably the biggest and most horrific murder case in our area is about to go to trial. It's a crime that was committed in New Boston, Texas. It crossed state lines into Oklahoma and now will be tried back where it all began in New Boston and it all starts on Monday, September 12 at the New Boston Courthouse.

Back in late July of this year jury selection began after an attempt to move the trial to a different location was denied in this Captial Murder Trial.


It's been almost two years since this story broke. Hopefully, with this trial, we will find out more about how this whole horrifying crime came about. More importantly, we pray that the family and friends of Reagan Simmons-Hancock and her unborn baby will find justice and closure.


Police warning on yellow tape
Zoltan Kiraly

October 9, 2020

Back on October 9 of 2020, 22-year-old Reagan Simmons-Handcock who was 8 months pregnant was found dead at her home in New Boston, Texas. The unborn baby had been removed from Reagan's body.

Bowie County Sheriff
Bowie County Sheriff

Later that morning, Taylor Parker from Simms, Texas was stopped by a Texas Trooper near Dekalb, Texas. She said she had given birth on the side of the road and the baby wasn't breathing. She and the baby were brought to McCurtain Memorial Hospital. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Later that day Tayor Parker, 27, of Simms Texas was arrested in Oklahoma.

Parker is facing 2 counts of Capital Murder and one count of kidnapping. The state of Texas is seeking the death penalty. You can read more about this case here.


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