With movie theaters closed nationwide, it's becoming clear that your family, roommates, and significant others are going to be your movie-watching buddies for the foreseeable future. However, browser extensions such as Scener are trying to change that. Initially, Scener was an app that allowed multiple people to co-watch Netflix online together. Now, the company's relaunch includes the added feature of being able to watch HBO Go and HBO Now, with up to 20 individual viewers at any given time.

The concept of a co-watching application isn't exactly new — the Netflix Party Chrome add-on has been gaining popularity, along with the more under-the-counter methods of Twitch, FaceTime and Skype. But Scener offers a shared viewing experience that's easy and most importantly, legal. Scener secures the necessary deals with content partners to make sure everything is A-okay to stream. According to TechCrunch, Warner Media approached Scener to come up with a way for viewers to watch HBO shows through the extension while preserving its IP address. So basically, you can watch Westworld guilt-free.

Similar to sites such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, Scener creates the "virtual movie theater" experience by giving you a code you can share with (up to 19 of) your friends. Scener is also in the process of adding a "1-to-many" feature, which would allow more than 20 viewers in a format similar to Instagram Live. So if you're tired of sharing your Game of Thrones commentary with your cat and your cat alone, you're in luck. The future of social movie-watching platforms is bright.

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