Do you know what the most popular Thanksgiving side dish is in Arkansas? 

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away? This is one of my favorite holidays. It is a chance for the family to get together and enjoy a great meal and some football of course.

Our Thanksgiving meals like most folks are always a great mix of traditional food and sides. My father-in-law is in charge of the meats and the turkey and ham are always delicious, and my mother has everyone in the family asking her for a non-traditional food, eggrolls.

From my uncle's hot water cornbread to my aunt's corn casserole, even the traditional mac and cheese, the rolls, and my granny Sue's cornbread dressing, it is all so good.

But what is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in Arkansas? Will it be the traditional cornbread dressing? Maybe it will be something way out of left field and surprise us all. Zippia did a little research using Google trends and found out what is the most popular Thanksgiving sides in the United States. They say according to their research Thanksgiving may need to be called mashed potatoes or bread day.

Ok, so here we go. The most popular Thanksgiving side dish in Texas is.

Creamed corn.

Smokin' and Grilllin' with AB YouTube
Smokin' and Grilllin' with AB YouTube

You can see how this southern take of cream corn is made.

I have not ever been too much of a fan but it is the most popular side dish in Texas.

In Oklahoma, they must do things a little differently for Thanksgiving. Their favorite side dish is.

Baked Potato.

Baked potato

It is a little odd with most people opting for mashed potatoes, but in Oklahoma, it is a little fancier with this side dish.

In Louisiana, they are a little more traditional.

Cornbread dressing.

Simply Mama Cooks YouTube
Simply Mama Cooks YouTube

You can check out the recipe here.

Cornbread dressing. It is one of my favorite side dishes, It is usually my main dish with the turkey taking a back seat.

Now for Arkansas's most popular side dish.


Dark Homemade Turkey Gravy for Thanksgiving Dinner

Don't get mad, but gravy is the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in Arkansas. Is it really a side dish? I do use it on a lot of my Thanksgiving meal so I guess it could be considered a side dish.

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