If you live out in the country more than likely at some point you're going to see some feral hogs on your property. However, it's not every day you are going see hogs running loose in the streets in your neighborhood and I'm not talking motorcycles here.

That's what happened in a residential community last Friday when a band of wild hogs was captured by a home security system causing havoc and damaging some flowerbeds.

Missouri City, Texas located near the Brazos River is known for having hogs roam the area but in this case not one but around 25 feral hogs was seen on video. The damage was somewhat extensive to several lawns and fences in the neighborhood. Officials are puzzled as to why this seems to happen about this time every year, according to KHOU.

curious wild boars looking at the camera ( Sus scrofa )

The only thing you can do to help control the population is to hunt them down and any method of hunting is allowed. As long as you have a Texas hunting license there is no limit as to how many you can kill because feral hog season is open year round. With over two million Wild Boar: feral hogs reported in Texas it's just a matter of time before they wind up in your neighborhood.

Kevin Jackson, Unsplash
Kevin Jackson, Unsplash

If you spot one in order to help protect yourself and your family please stay away from it and call the proper authorities. Hogs usually move really fast and should be gone within minutes on their own.

Check out this recent video on YouTube of feral hogs invading the Sienna neighborhood last Friday.

Nite Guard Solar Lights have shown that they can deter a wild hogs. Find out more tips on how to get rid of a wild hog here.

I'm still puzzled, why are there more hogs in Texas? Shouldn't there be more hogs in Razorback country? Just a thought.

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