You think it takes you long to do your hair? Puh-leeze.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Aliia Nasyrova, a 27-year-old "real-life Rapunzel" from Riga, Latvia who has hair that measures a whopping 90 inches when splayed out to the floor.

The locks weigh four-and-a-half pounds and Nasyrova has been growing them for over two decades says. She says she started to let the hair flow because she related to long-haired characters from fairy tales (there's that Rapunzel connection). Good thing she didn't identify with Pinocchio. The rhinoplasty would cost a fortune.

It takes Nasyrova about 20 minutes to wash her hair, something she does only once a week. She also cuts it herself once a month, for no other reason than to fix up any split ends. And, oh yeah, she's married -- her husband calls the locks "one more family member."

All we know is with hair this long it would be a tragedy if she got lice. What a heartbreaking way to have to cut it all off.

Get a load at Nasyrova's mane attraction below:

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