A group of Black women honored Harriet Tubman for National Women's History Month with a 100-mile track to retrace her escape from slavery to freedom through the Underground Railroad. 

The women of GirlTrek, a Black health and advocacy organization began their journey in eastern Maryland on (March 6) and crossed the Mason-Dixon Line into Delaware on March 10. The original group is composed of the 10-woman GirlTrek national team from cities like Sacramento, Chicago and New Orleans, and in just one day, they walked more than 22 miles. The women documented their journey with the hashtag #HarrietsGreatEscape.

GirlTrek co-founder T. Morgan Dixon hopes the walk will inspire all black women to put themselves and their health first.

We will show and prove that 2018 is about radical courage and unshakable sisterhood. Harriet Tubman saved her own life first and then went back time after time to save the lives of others giving us a blueprint for the work GirlTrek does today."

Each year since the 100th anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s death in 2013, GirlTrek has honored Tubman through the hashtag #WeAreHarriet. As part of the group’s mission to improve black women’s health, the tribute encourages black women to get active by simply walking.

Click on the video below to see what the GirlTrek team has to say a few years ago about their 100-mile trek in honor of Harriet Tubman.

I, personally, think it would be motivational and inspirational for women of all races and ethnic backgrounds to come together and take our own 100-mile trek in honor of Harriet Tubman as we celebrate National Women's History Month in 2019.

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