If you love live music from the acoustic duos to the awesome sounds of some classic rock and country from some great local bands.

Whiskey River Country is Texarkana's spot for great country music and this weekend they will feature the sound of "Josh Ward", and "Jon Stork".

Redbone has a great selection of craft beer and pizza, there is plenty of good stuff to check out at Redbone. Friday night there will be live music with local favorites "Park Rowe and Lane Bricker". There is a special Sunday brunch featuring "Stacy James Mayo" and "Brian Jefferies".

67 Landing has an awesome atmosphere and seafood and some great steaks too. Friday night you can check out "Blackstrap". Saturday night rock out to the sounds of the "Heather Linn" from Texarkana.

Fat Jack's, has great food from their crawfish bread to the new Boudan eggrolls, you can find something to tame your appetite. Saturday night "Clay Logan" will be on the outdoor stage.


Have a great weekend!

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