First of all, let me just say, I actually liked the new Netflix stalker movie, Fatal Affair. However, I seem to be the ONLY one of my friends that liked it. With that said...I did have a few questions once the movie ended that left me scratching my head.

OK just so you know.... Fatal Affair is a film follows Ellie (Nia Long) who tries to mend her lifeless marriage with husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) after a brief encounter with an old friend David (Omar Epps) only to find out that David is more dangerous, stalkerish and murder-y than she initially realized.

OK so there's your background. Now let's get to these unanswered question I have for the movie's producer.

QUESTION #1. OK Ellie's husband knocks the gun out of the crazy stalker man's hand, why didn't she grab the gun instead of picking up that dang stick?

QUESTION #2: Who in real life at the DMV would allow a driver to take their picture like this for their driver license?

QUESTION #3: Soooo.... nobody on the set realized that Nia Long's phone was upside down.

QUESTION #4: When Ellie was in the police car trying to call for help, why in the world didn't she grab the dead officer's gun I mean? C'mon man.


QUESTION 5: If you're this big time "hacker" how did Ellie get into your phone after two password attempts?

Question 6: How long had Ellie and Courtney been friends if Courtney was so quick to believe David's BS?

Question 7: Soooooo.... who is letting Nia Long go to bed without a bonnet?

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