So, now that I live in Arkansas, I enjoy learning about the unique things of the state. What I've discovered is that this state has some very weird city names.

Check some of the silliest names of cities in the state of Arkansas: ( psss... I think my favorite is Booger Hollow)

Toad Suck

Home of the annual Toad Suck Daze in neighboring Conway. Join in on the silly celebrations in April and stop by Toad Suck Bucks. I hear they have really good steak. Population: 67,638

2. Weiner


Home of the 42nd Annual Arkansas Rice Festival. This town is know different than any other towns, they have their own lil Weiner schools, Weiner churches, and Weiner houses. :) Population: 638

Bald Knob

Home of the Strawberry Homefest in May. Population: 2,876


4. Possum Grape

Possum Grape

The citizens were torn between naming the town "Possum" or "Grape" for over two decades. The town wasn't officially named until 1954. Population: 7, 474

5. Booger Hollow

Booger Hollow

When entering the town, you'll pass a sign that says, Population: 7 count 'en one coon dog. lol Looks like Booger Hollow has several photo opportunities.

6. Cotton Plant


Home of the Annual Cotton Plant Days which takes place at the end of August.  Stop by Cotton Plant Historical Museum when you visit. Population: 582


You'll be glad you gave Fifty-Six a chance after exploring the breathtaking Blanchard Springs Caverns. Population: 175


Much like Weiner, Flippin is another town that's fun to describe what you see. Drive by the Flippin Christian Church, or listen to the Flippin marching band practice. Population: 1,341


Oil Town Festival. It's one of the oldest festivals in the state. The town has a history of booming oil fields as well as other natural state assets at the Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources. Population: 1,698

10. Oil Trough


I've been told that there's nothing quite as good as a meal from Sissy's Diner and Pizza Pit in Oil Trough. Population: 274

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