Ya'll know I'm a fan of TikTok.... but I'm a whole groupie for all things "Bouji On A Budget". *flips hair*I've come across some really cool table, wall, shelf, and overall room decor ideas that are elegant, contemporary and won't break the bank. Check out some of my favorite bouji on a budget decorating tips.

#1.  Apothecary Jar Bathroom Decor

#2.  Ideas for your tables

3.  Shelf Styling Ideas

#4.  Inexpensive Room Decor Ideas

#5. Dollar Tree Table Arrangement

#6. Cheapest Way To Make a Wicker End Table

#7. Beauty Room On A Budget

#8.  Above Toilet Bathroom Decor

#9. Classy Home Tips On A Budget

#10. Lazy Home Decor Hack

You can thank me later... well  thank TikTok because it is my go-to. I'm currently transforming my upstairs area using many of the  bouji on a budget decor tips you saw above. I will keep you posted on how it goes... HAPPY DECORATING, MY FRAAAANDS!!

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