I watched an interesting video today that may or may not be of interest to you titled, "100 Years in 10 Minutes".  It's nothing official or anything like that, it wasn't compiled by Fox News or CNN, it's simply one person's visual attempt at pointing out things that have happened over the last 100 years. Things that 'they' thought were important.  derDon1234 is the person compiling this video, I'm pretty sure that derDon1234 is a man, I don't think he's American although some of his comment-leavers do. He admittedly left out a few things; like Martin Luther King Jr., first man on the moon Neil Armstrong, medical breakthroughs like Dr. Jonas Salk's vaccine against polio, the invention of the Personal Computer, etc. I'm sure there's tons more that you can think of that should be in the video as well.

derDon1234 managed to put a lot of war in it, too much maybe. But you have to admit, war has a significant impact on everyone it touches. I can think of many more positive things than negative, maybe that's a peek at my own personal outlook on life. I always try to look for the good in people.

If you go to the YouTube.com page where this is posted you will see tons of comments, kudos and crackpots. I find them all just as fascinating to read, it scares me a little to see how uneducated or warped lot of people are.

One thing is for sure, this video is an excellent discussion starter. After all, if you tried to include every significant happening caught on film or video around the world for the last 100 years it could never be boiled down to 10 minutes. However after you watch it, what's your take? What do you think is missing? Would love to see your feedback below.

WARNING: There are some very graphic scenes included in this video. View at your own risk.


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