The only thing worse than getting nothing for Valentine's Day is getting stuck with a horrible V-day gift on this one day of exaggerated love. I can see a bad Valentine's Day coming from a mile away. And ladies, I know I'm not the only one. Below is a list of things to  absolutely, positively, 100 % never get a woman for Valentine's day.

#1. Self-help Book

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Could you go back and grab the book about breaking up with him on V-day? Asking for a friend....


#2.. Workout Clothes

JP Yim

"I think he just called me fat"


#3.  Household Appliances

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#4. Chocolates and flowers

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Step ya game up podnah..... We are not in high school anymore!

#5. A Gift Basket (pre-packed)

Matthew Eisman

Yeah THAT'S reaaally personal....


#6. His and Hers Gift

So, basically you got a two for one that I have to share with you. *side-eye*

#7.  Pajamas

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Who told you this was ok?

#8. Groceries

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So, you're hinting around ON VALENTINE'S DAY that you wanna meal?

#9. Spanx

Skip Bolen

You're gonna buy me spanx, but no dress? Who does that?

#10. Fake Jewelry

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Fake jewelry's just not sexy, playa!

#11. Nothing at all

Go ahead and lose that number, podnah!