Are you a good long distance relationship person? Lord knows if we still lived in the world of high <insert a-word> long distance telephone bills, there would be a lot of single folks out there. How in the WORLD did we do it? Ya couldn't really "court" like you wanted to for fear of what that phone bill was going to look like at the end of the month. Oh and let's not talk about the days of cell phone minutes. THE DEVIL! Go over your minutes if you want to, you'd have to sell one of your kids to keep service the next month. Thank GAWD for cell phones and unlimited data/minute plans... Let the Long Distance Relationship Church say, "Amen!".

With technology on our side, new research shows that long-distance relationships have a 58 percent success rate, according to the New York Post. However, much of that success rate depends on you and your significant other. Having my own personal experience with a long distance relationship, I put together some tips that I think will help make you and your guy/gal one of the 58%. (tips below ad)

1. Be 100% Committed To The Relationship

If you're not gonna commit, you must quit. Ok.... A little corny, but you get it. Don't waste your time nor the time of the person who's miles and miles away putting their life on hold for you.

2. Be Very Clear About Your Boundaries and Expectations

Both of you need to be clear on what you expect of each other during this long distance relationship. Set some ground rules so that none of you will do things that will take the other party by surprise. Also, if you're just dating to have fun, say that. If you are looking for a husband or wife, say that up front.

3. Make The Best Of Your Time Together

Treat every moment as if it's your last moment together. Silence cell phones & set aside a time to check in with kids, work, etc.  Leave the computer and work bag somewhere... anywhere, but do not have it accessible. Laugh, talk, play... Create those lasting memories.

4.Utilize Your Best Friend.... TECHNOLOGY

Utilize communication tools like FaceTime, video messenger, and Skype. Sidebar...... Does anybody Skype anymore? Asking for a friend. Moving on....

5. Keep It Fun & Exciting

Send random pictures and videos. Send little surprise gifts to their workplace. Conveniently "leave something behind" for them to find when you're gone. I have a few suggestions, but that's another blog for another time. ;) KEEP IT SEXY.

6. See It As An Opportunity

I read a quote once that said,

"If you want to live together, you must first learn how to live apart."


7. Plan The Next Visit Before You Part Ways

8. Know Each Other's Schedules And Keep Each Other Updated

9.  Resolve Problems Quickly


10. Set An End Date.

Discuss and decide when the long distance run will end.



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