While some stars hit the right notes when it came to red carpet outfits, others fell flat at the VMAs. In these worst dressed pictures from the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, see some far-from-flattering ensembles from some unlikely candidates like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora and Alicia Keys... and some not-so-surprising faux pas from rappers 2 Chainz and Nicki Minaj.

Sheesh! What was going on tonight at the VMAs?! Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are two young ladies who hardly ever disappoint us when it comes to their red carpet outfits. Granted, sometimes Miley can go a bit overboard, but nothing has been so bad lately as this overly revealing, Vampira getup. If that V crotch stitching was any lower, Miley would be flashing more naughty bits than Snooki! Meanwhile, the normally fashionable Taylor Swift also let us down -- in fact, she BEYOND let us down. What the heck is that pantsuit? She's taking this whole "I'm dating a Kennedy thing" a bit too far, except her look is less Jackie O and more Celine Dion.

It also really hurts our hearts to put Rita Ora in this recap of worst dressed VMA goers, since we love her edgy style and actually kind of dig her jumpsuit. The only thing is that Ora's well-endowed chest is the only thing we can look at! She's a gorgeous girl with an unbelievable figure, but that ill-fitting sheer fabric isn't doing her any justice in the boob department. Alicia Keys also had tailoring problems, since her satin dress didn't seem to fit her right at all.

But these fashion no-nos were seriously nothing compared to 2 Chainz's and Nicki Minaj's insane getups. 2 Chainz is just too flashy in all that gold, and Nicki's stank face says it all -- she must've caught a glimpse in the mirror right before that pic was taken. Somebody should've kept those beez in their traps... er, closets for that matter!

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