It's March Madness time and we know you have your brackets ready for NCAA Basketball. However, we have our own bracket, that you might want to check out. Our 2018 Majic Madness Bracket allows you to pick the best R&B songs of all time. We've compiled a list of songs-  some old and some new - straight from the Billboard Charts.

We want to know your FAVORITE R&B Jam. So we've included a poll and instructions. All you have to do is vote and pass this post along. Our first round starts today with the poll below. Just click your favorites and come back this Saturday, March 17 to vote for round two. Keep checking back until we announce a winner. We have attached a .pdf of our March Madness bracket so you can play along at home.

Need a refresher on how each song sounds? Check out this playlist we put together to help you vote. Happy voting!


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