Remember the morning I risked my ENTIRE life to test out the new ride, Brain Drain, to share with you my "Majical Moment" at Magic Springs Theme and Water Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas last year? Now that my pulse and heart beat is finally regulated (a year later), I just want to let my best friends as work know that Majic Springs was ranked number 18 out of 50 theme parks to make HomeToGo’s list of Most Affordable Theme Parks in America.Jack Bateman, the general manager of the park said the following:

“We work hard to provide big value to our visitors at small prices,”  We are proud to be among the most affordable parks in the country and to be making magic memories for families every day!”

According to a news release, the research for this list was conducted in March 2019 and compared total costs between theme parks in America. Total costs were calculated by a formula of combining average costs associated with parking, single day tickets, meals and accommodations.

Magic Springs offers discounts and promotions wherever possible, like "Hero Appreciation" days, "Cooler Sundays", "Nurse Appreciation" days and group deals. The park offers a theme park and a water park ticket for the price of one entry fee. Providing value is the first priority of park staff!

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