If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. On the eve of July 4th, I want to solute the brother Kolin Kaepernick for taking a stand even when it costed him his career and I’m sure many friends and associates as well.

Just recently Nike pulled their “Betsy Ross flag-themed"  Air Max shoe which was set to release tomorrow for the 4th of July. They pulled it because Kaepernck raised some racial concerns.  They were very valid concerns, I might add…. Like the fact that this particular flag with 13 stars which is symbolic and representative of the OLD AMERICA, a nation that at the time still believed in and legalized slavery oppressing generation after generations of Black people. In addition, this is a flag you would historically see the Klu Klux Klan parading around with alongside the confederate flag. And today, I just want to note that because this young man stood up against bigotry, injustice and all underlying currents that function beneath the surface of racism and unfairness….. HE IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THIS COUNTRY… BIT BY BIT, SHOE BY SHOE…  

So while I celebrate our country's independence because I am an American very happyto live in the "land of the free, I never forget the fact that the Declaration of Independence didn’t include my ancestors. It would be nice to see firework stands opened up for Juneteenth. I'm just saying.... In any event, I solute Collin for kneeling when it was time to kneel and for STANDING on the right side of history. 

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