New businesses pop up all over Texarkana as we grow but what about the ones that have closed. I'd like to see some of those open back up.

Many of us miss Taco Tico and the recently closed Pizza Inn. Here are few others that you may have forgotten about.


I miss the draft beer, appetizers and lunch menu was the best. When I worked at Walsh Distribution back in the day, a group of us would head straight over after work on a Friday. We had a special booth that we'd always try to sit in. Good times. Bennigan's is also were my husband and I went on many lunch dates when we first started dating.

Payless Cashways

When I first moved back to Texarkana, Payless Cashways was very close to my house so it was very convenient to run over and get a few things to fix up the house I lived in. They seemed to always have amazing deals. This was way before Home Depot and Lowe's came to Texarkana.

CD Warehouse

Headphones on stack of CDs

Remember the music store in the State Line Shopping Center? You could look through all of the albums: CDs and DVDs. They had it all. If you needed anything music, CD Warehouse was the place to go. They opened the year before I moved back so it was meant to be for me to shop there. You could even listen to the CDs before you left the store to make sure you like the music.

Pizza Inn

We only had one and now it's gone. What a shame, no more monster style pizzas.

Crystal Springs Beach

Kim Steele, Facebook
Kim Steele, Facebook

This place was a hot spot for kids during the summer to play in the water. Many cherished memories were made there. They had two runs at it with the main time being in the 70s and 80s. The most recent opening did not last very long unfortunately. I wish it would open again since I never had the opportunity to go.

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