I grew up an only child. Spoiled a bit? Well yeah BUT there were certain things I absolutely knew I couldn't get a way with growing up.

As an only child, I didn't have a lot of rules and regulations, but the ones I did have, my mom didn't play about. ya'll know how Reflecting over my childhood, is always bitter sweet. My home was a bit dysfunctional, but had some sense of order.

1. I could not go out if the house wasn't clean. Worst rule ever.... Moving on. *rolls eyes*

I don't care if I had a fair with Prince Charming. If the house wasn't clean, I couldn't go.

2. I couldn't get away with missing curfew. Many nights I tried to sneak in... I was never successful.

3. If I cooked, I had to clean as I went

4. I knew better than to ask my mom to stay somewhere or for someone to stay with me in front of the other parent

5. If I let someone borrow clothes or shoes, I had to make sure I got them back or I was in trouble.

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