A growing Powerball jackpot, estimated at $620 million is getting people excited about the lottery.

You are only six numbers away from some life-changing winnings. This is actually the tenth-largest jackpot behind the 1.5 billion jackpot from the drawing from January 2016. That jackpot was one by folks from California, Florida, and Tennessee.

The prize has gotten so large because of no winners for the past four months. That means that there have been no winners for the past 39 drawings. which means they are overdue for someone to hit it big. You know the biggest reason for this is your chance of winning is 1 in 262.2 million. But "your saying I have a chance" to win all of that money. Yes, you do have a chance but of course, you can't win if you don't play. I personally only play when the jackpot gets big and this is the time to play.

If you do win you have two ways to get paid. One way is to get paid over a 30-year term which is almost never selected. If you are curious the cash payout would be an estimated $446 million. Powerball is players in 45 states and in Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Washington D.C. The drawing is Saturday at 10 PM so go get those tickets.

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